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V.O.S, Estonia DMC


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Since 1998
Jean Marc Bret
Ryesgade 106 A
DK-2100 Copenhague

V.O.S is a highly qualified incoming tour operator with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in leisure round trips to Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Skills & Activities


We offer wholesalers a wide variety of services ranging from standard round-trips to tailor-made group programmes; and from FIT itineraries to tour series.

All our tours are carefully planned and operated by our highly qualified personnel in close cooperation with our clients and when a tour is booked, they can expect to obtain a full package of services which include:

• Transportation within the Nordic and Baltic countries
• Accommodation
• Restaurants
• Guide-services
• Museum entrances
• Additional services

We collaborate with a large number of suppliers to offer our clients a wide range of products and services in all price categories. Moreover, our extensive knowledge of the Nordic and Baltic countries ensures a unique experience for all travellers.



The Nordic and Baltic countries conceal many hidden secrets waiting to be discovered!


We specialize in the following destinations:
• Norway
• Finland
• Sweden
• Denmark
• Iceland
• Baltic Countries

With your assistance, we will help your clients discover the scenery and Nature Norway with its majestic fjords and charming villages. Perhaps a City Break in Copenhagen, accompanied by a special dinner at one of its fourteen Michelin Star Restaurants is what they want. We will let them experience the lakes in Finland and get close to the forests in Sweden. Maybe they want to go back in time and visit the Viking Ships in Denmark or the old towns in the Baltics.

Whatever their preference, at V.O.S., we will help you find the right destination for your client while ensuring the best value for money.



Our team of expert travel professionals has a wide knowledge of our products and services. They will ensure your clients' needs are fulfilled while always responding to your requests in your own language and in a timely and professional way.


A passionate team

Contact : +45 33 11 10 65

Group and Individual requests :